ESQ Researchers

Molecular Matter Waves & Quantum Nanophysics
University of Vienna, VCQ

Quantum Foundations and Quantum Information on the Nano- and Microscale
University of ViennaVCQ

Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
University of Innsbruck

Quantum Information and Computation

University of Innsbruck

Quantum Foundations & Quantum Information Theory
University of Vienna, IQOQI Vienna (ÖAW)

Quantum Information & Thermodynamics
IQOQI Vienna (ÖAW)

Entanglement Theory & Quantum Information Theory
University of Innsbruck

Photon Conversion for Trapped-Ion Quantum Networks
IQOQI Innsbruck (ÖAW)

Quantum Condensed Matter Theory & Computational Physics
University of Innsbruck

Ultracold Atoms & Quantum Gases
University of Innsbruck

Cavity Quantum Electrodynamis
University of Innsbruck

Quantum Nanophysics, Optics and Information
University of Innsbruck, IQOQI Innsbruck (ÖAW)

Quantum Optics & Spectroscopy
IQOQI Innsbruck (ÖAW)

Atomic and Subatomic Physics
Vienna University of Technology

Quantum Physics & Quantum Communication

Quantum Information Science & Quantum Computation
University of Vienna

Quantum Information & Foundations of Physics
IQOQI Vienna (ÖAW)



ESQ office
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