ESQ PostDocs

Lauri TOIKKA (2018-2020)

The ESQ post-doc position allows for independence and development of original ideas. Working with ESQ is helpful because it allows me to work together with leading experts in the field, both locally and in terms of international collaboration and research visits.

Wolfgang NIEDENZU (2018-2020)

The ESQ offers me a unique opportunity to pursue my research in an inspiring and great environment with fruitful collaborations.

Sicong JI (2018-2020)

With the support from ESQ, I have a lot of opportunities to communicate and work together with other leading groups all around the world in the field, which play crucial roles not in this project, but also for establishing my scientific network of contacts.

Peter KIRTON (2018-2019)

The freedom offered to me as an ESQ fellow allows me to develop independent collaborations both with other ESQ groups and externally, following my own ideas and developing my academic independence.

Ämin BAUMELER (2018-2020)

ESQ offers me to extend the first steps in my post-docotral life by allowing me to focus on my research projects without being overwhelmed by administrative tasks. The grant comes with a travel budget facilitating international collaborations and participation at conferences.

Fulvio FLAMINI (2019-2021)

The ESQ Postdoc Fellowship has given me the rare opportunity to join an international collaboration at the forefront of research in artificial intelligence and quantum technologies, while paving the way for my own academic independence.

Martin RINGBAUER (2019-2020)

The ESQ fellowship enables me to pursue my own research interests early on in my career, while being tightly integrated in one of the leading research groups worldwide.


Felix BINDER (2019-2021)

IQOQI Vienna is the ideal host for my research on quantum simulation, quantum thermodynamics, and complexity. The ESQ fellowship allows me to work in a top-notch group with expert colleagues while also permitting a large degree of intellectual independence.

Alessandro TRENTI (2019-2021)

The ESQ fellowship has been an invaluable opportunity for pursuing independent research early in my scientific career, immersed in the highly stimulating environment of the Vienna quantum community.

Secondment possibilities are also encouraged, easing the exchange of ideas and the formation of new collaborations. The ESQ fellowship definitely helped me with the secondment opportunity to create a good connection with the quantum communication group at AIT. For that, I'm really thankful.



Stefan PUTZ (2019-2021)

The ESQ Postdoc Fellowship from the Erwin Schrödinger Centre for Quantum Science & Technology has allowed me to professionally grow and formulate and pursue my own research interests. Simply without it I would not have been able to follow new career paths and find independence of my supervisors.

Mariona MORENO-CARDONER (2020)

The ESQ postdoctoral fellowship has represented an important step in my scientific career since it offered me the unique opportunity to fully focus on research in a scientifically vibrant environment and establish new collaborations. It provided me enough flexibility to develop my research interests as well as being fully integrated in a leading research group worldwide. It also provides a generous training program and budget that helps the development of someone’s academic independence.

Giovanni CERCHIARI (2019-2021)

The ESQ post-doc fellowship allows me to pursue my passion for working in fundamental physics. While assisting my research, the fellowship facilitates the exchange of ideas and the formation of new collaborations, thereby supporting the foundations of my scientific future.

Mateus ARAÚJO (2019-2021)

With the ESQ Fellowship I have the nice collaborative environment and the academic freedom I need to do research on the foundations of quantum mechanics.

Sebastian ERNE (2019-2021)

The ESQ Fellowship offers me a unique possibility to pursue my research interests and ideas in a vibrant and world-leading environment. It allows me to integrate and advance local and international research collaborations and further my academic independence towards an independent research group.

Simon MILZ (2019-2021)

The ESQ Fellowship enables me to independently pursue my research interests early in my career, while concurrently providing a large and resourceful network for professional development and collaboration.

Matthew NORCIA (2020-2022)

Beyond the experimental work with dipolar gases, the ESQ fellowship allows me to independently pursue theory collaborations within the IQOQI and University of Innsbruck, helping to increase the breadth of my research, and to develop ideas for my future research program. 

Gonzalo MANZANO (2020-2021)

The ESQ fellowship allowed me to start developing my own research projects with great academic freedom, to complement my formation as an independent scientist, and to benefit from an excellent environment that triggered fruitful collaborations.

Matthias BOCK (2020-2022)

The ESQ postdoc fellowship gives me the opportunity to conduct research in a stimulating and inspiring group at IQOQI and to work on an ambitious project in close collaboration with theorists.

Marco Túlio QUINTINO (2021-2023)

The ESQ Fellowship provides me opportunity to conduct my research in a rich and diverse environment with great academic freedom, the perfect combination to produce high quality results.


Claire EDMUNDS (2021-2023)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 801110.

ESQ has received funding from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF).



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