Publications 2010 and before

PhD Thesis

  • Mikrostrukturelle Analyse von thermomechanisch verformten und ermüdeten Al Schichten
    W. Heinz
  • Numerische Studien zur Ermittlung der risstreibenden Kraft in elastisch-plastischen Materialien bei unterschiedlichen Belastungsbedingungen
    R. Schöngrundner
  • Bruchverhalten von Wolfram
    B. Gludovatz
  • Bruch von ultrafeinkörnigen Metallen hergestellt durch Hochverformung
    A. Hohenwarter
  • Charakterisierung des Verhaltens von Kanten aus hochfestem Werkzeugstahl unter zyklischer Belastung
    P.J. Gruber

Conference Papers

Conference Papers

Conference Papers

  • Neue Mikrostrukturen durch Hochverformung von Al-Legierungen
    F.M. Pippan Reinhard
    FW Chimani C.M. Uggowitzer P.J., ed. MOBILITÄT IM WANDEL: Anforderungen an modernen Leichtbau und Leichtmetalle, 140-149 (2010)
  • Einfluss von Warmumformung auf die Gefügeausbildung und das Bruchverhalten einer 7xxx Aluminiumlegierung
    H.C. Pöschmann Daniel
    FW Chimani C.M. Uggowitzer P.J., ed. MOBILITÄT IM WANDEL: Anforderungen an modernen Leichtbau und Leichtmetalle, 150-159 (2010)
  • Application of high resolution techniques to characterize sensitization of a highly alloyed material
    M.G. Prohaska M.
    In: Proceedings of EUROCORR 2010, pp. 1-16 (2010), 1-16 (2010)
    M.C. Wurster Stefan
    ESIS / DVM, ed., 1-7 (2010)
    H.C. Pöschmann D.
    ESIS / DVM, ed., 1-6 (2010)
  • A numerical study on the fatigue restistance of a coated tool steel
    E.S. Schöngrundner Ronald
    ESIS / DVM, ed., 1-9 (2010)
  • Comparsion of bending strength of WC-CO hard metal in millimeter and micrometer sized specimens
    W.S. Klünsner Thomas
    ESIS / DVM, ed., 1-8 (2010)
  • Disparate tendency of stress evolution of thin and thick electroplated cu films at room temperature
    R.W. Huang Rui
  • Erosion Corrosion and Synergistic Effects under High Velocity Multiphase Conditions
    V.T. Mori Gregor
    NACE International, ed., 1-24 (2010)
  • Warm forming of FCC poly crystals: The effect of grain size under different forming conditions on the softening behavior
    K.S. Rehrl Christian
    Verformungskunde, ed. (2010)
  • Limitations in the refinement by severe plastic deformation: The effect of processing
    H.M. Bachmaier Andrea
    Institute of Physics of Advanced Materials Ufa State Aviation Technical University and NanoMet Ltd., ed. In: Proceedings of 2nd International Symposium on Bulk Nanostructured Materials, pp. 16-22 (2009) Rev.Adv.Mater.Sci., 16-22 (2010)
  • Deformation and Fracture of Advanced High Strength Steels
    H.T. Kapp Marianne
    TN Higashida K., ed. (2010)

Journal Articles

  • Metallic composites processed via extreme deformation: Toward the limits of strength in bulk materials
    C.P.-P. Raabe Dierk
    MRS Bulletin, 982-991 (2010)
  • Reprint of "Cracks in inhomogeneous materials: Comprehensive assessment using the configurational forces concept"
    P.J. Kolednik Otmar
    Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 3611-3624 (2010)
  • Structural characterization of a Cu/MgO(001) interface using CS-corrected HRTEM
    Z.Z. Cazottes Sophie
    Thin Solid Films, 1662-1667 (2010)
  • High temperature fracture experiments on tungsten-rhenium alloys
    G.B. Wurster Stefan
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 692-697 (2010)
  • Influence of stacking fault energy and alloying on stage V hardening of HPT-deformed materials
    P.R. Hafok Martin
    Journal of Materials Research, 1097-1104 (2010)
  • Fracture toughness of polycrystalline tungsten alloys
    W.S. Gludovatz Bernd
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 674-678 (2010)
  • Interface study of a high-performance W/B4C X-ray mirror
    J.M. Siffalovic Peter
    Journal of Applied Crystallography, 1431-1439 (2010)
  • Dünne Stäbe - STARKE Wirkung
    O. Kolednik
    , 34-36 (2010)
  • Thermally-induced formation of hexagonal AlN in AlCrN hard coatings on sapphire: Orientation relationships and residual stresses
    D.R. Bartosik Matthias
    Surface & Coatings Technology, 1320-1323 (2010)
  • Experimental validation of microstructure evolution in crystalline materials
    K.S. Rehrl Christian
    Journal of Physics A-Mathematical and Theoretical, 012157-1-4 (2010)
  • Microstructure evolution and strength response of ultrafine grain medium carbon steel processed by high pressure torsion
    P.R. Zrnik Jozef
    Journal of Physics A-Mathematical and Theoretical, 012131-1-4 (2010)
  • Investigation of the fatigue behavior of Al thin films with different microstructure
    P.R. Heinz Walther
    Materials Science and Engineering A, 7757-7763 (2010)
  • Unveiling the atomic and electronic structure of the VN/MgO interface
    Z. Zhang, B. Rashkova, G. Dehm, P. Lazar, J. Redinger, R. Podlouky
    Physical Review B, 060103-1-4 (2010)
  • Bulk Nanostructured Functional Materials By Severe Plastic Deformation
    G.R. Zehetbauer Michael
    Advanced Engineering Materials, 692-700 (2010)
  • Flash Sintering of Nanograin Zirconia in <5 s at 850°C
    R.B. Cologna Marco
    Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 3556-3559 (2010)
  • Adhesion energies of Cr thin films on polyimide determined from buckling: Experiment and model
    M.J. Cordill, F.D. Fischer, F.G. Rammerstorfer, G. Dehm
    Acta Materialia, 5520-5531 (2010)
  • Crack in inhomogeneous materials: Comprehensive assessment using the configurational forces concept
    P.J. Kolednik Otmar
    Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 2698-2711 (2010)
  • Numerical analysis on special cracking phenomena of residual compressive inter-layers in ceramic laminates
    B.R. Chen C.R.
    Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 2567-2576 (2010)
  • Fatigue damage mechanisms and damage evolution near cyclically loaded edges
    G.P. Ebner Reinhold
    Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Technical Sciences, 267-279 (2010)
  • In situ TEM study of microplasticity and Bauschinger effect in nanocrystalline metals
    R.C. Rajagopalan Jagannathan, Saif M. Taher A.
    Acta Materialia, 4772-4782 (2010)
  • Micron-sized fracture experiments on amorphous SiOx films and SiOx/SiNx multi-layers
    S.H. Matoy Kurt
    Thin Solid Films, 5796-5801 (2010)
  • The ductile to brittle transition of ultrafine-grained Armco iron: an experimental study
    K.C. Hohenwarter Anton
    Journal of Materials Science, 4805-4812 (2010)
  • The relationship between structure and mechanical properties of hydrogenated amorphous carbon fimls
    P.S. Kahn M.
    Diamond & Related Materials, 1245-1248 (2010)
  • Cyclic response of copper single crystal micro-beams
    M.C. Kiener Daniel
    Scripta Materialia, 500-503 (2010)
  • Magnetic characteristics of HPTdeformed soft-magnetic materials
    K.M. Scheriau Stephan
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2984-2988 (2010)
  • Optimierung von Automobilstahl
    K.O. Kapp Marianne
    Thema "Das Forschungsmagazin der ÖAW", 40-41 (2010)
  • Discrete dislocation modelling of near threshold fatigue crack propagation
    W.H. Pippan Reinhard
    International Journal of Fatigue, 1503-1510 (2010)
  • Quantitative In Situ Mechanical Testing in Electron Microscopes
    G.D.S. Legros M.
    MRS Bulletin, 354-360 (2010)
  • Effect of Rhenium on the Dislocation Core Structure in Tungsten
    L. Romaner, C. Ambrosch-Draxl, R. Pippan
    Physical Review Letters, 195503-1-4 (2010)
  • Absolute concentration of free volume-type defects in ultrafine-grained Fe prepared by high-pressure torsion
    L.B. Oberdorfer Bernd
    Scripta Materialia, 452-455 (2010)
  • Broadband optoacoustic measurements of ultrasound attenuation in severly plastically deformed nickel
    P.G. Kozhushko Victor V.
    Journal of Applied Physics, 094905-1-9 (2010)
  • Feasibility study of a tungsten wire-reinforced tungsten matrix composite with ZrOx interfacial coatings
    H.T. Du J.
    Composites Science and Technology, 1482-1489 (2010)
  • Microstructure and mechanical properties of UFG medium carbon steel processed by HPT at increased temperature
    P.R. Zrnik Jozef
    Journal of Materials Science, 4822-4826 (2010)
  • Fracture and Delamination of Chromium Thin Films on Polymer Substrates
    T.A. Cordill Megan Jo
    Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 870-875 (2010)
  • Saturation of Fragmentation During Severe Plastic Deformation
    R. Pippan, S. Scheriau, A. Taylor, M. Hafok, A. Hohenwarter, A. Bachmaier
    Annual Review of Materials Research, 319-343 (2010)
  • Microplasticity phenomena in thermomechanically strained nickel thin films
    O.S.H. Taylor Aidan A.
    Journal of Materials Science, 3874-3881 (2010)
  • Methodology for studying strain inhomogeneities in polycrystalline thin films during in situ thermal loading using coherent x-ray diffraction
    P.H. Vaxelaire N.
    New Journal of Physics, 1-12 (2010)
  • Homogeneous Cu–Fe supersaturated solid solutions prepared by severe plastic deformation
    M.A. Quelennec Xavier
    Philosophical Magazine, 1179-1195 (2010)
  • Cyclic loading behavior of micro-sized polycrystalline copper wires
    M.C. Yang Bo
    Procedia Engineering, 925-930 (2010)
  • Effect of microstruture on fatigue properties of WC-Co hard metals
    M.S. Klünsner Thomas
    Procedia Engineering, 2001-2010 (2010)
  • Stress, Sheet Resistance, and Microstructure Evolution of Electroplated Cu Films During Self-Annealing
    R.W. Huang Rui
    IEEE Transactions on Device and Materials Reliability, 47-54 (2010)
  • Nano-scale sliding contact deformation behaviour of enamel under wet and dry conditions
    S.M. Guidoni Griselda
    Journal of Materials Sciene: Materials Medicine, 1195-1203 (2010)
  • Can local hot spots induce &alpha;2/&gamma; lamellae during incomplete massive transformation of &gamma;-TiAl alloys?
    C.L. Fischer Franz Dieter
    Intermetallics, 972-976 (2010)
  • Evolution of mechanical response and dislocation microstructures in small-scale specimens under slightly different loading conditions
    W.D. Senger Jochen
    Philosophical Magazine, 617-628 (2010)
  • Nanoindentation of wet and dry compact bone: Influence of environment and indenter tip geometry on the indentation modulus
    S.M. Guidoni Griselda
    Philosophical Magazine, 553-565 (2010)
  • X-ray diffraction analysis of three-dimensional residual stress fields reveals origins of thermal fatigue in uncoated and coated steel
    M.K. Kirchlechner Christoph
    Scripta Materialia, 774-777 (2010)
  • Deviations and polarity of [100] dislocations in bcc metals
    R.L. Schoeck Gunther
    Philosophical Magazine Letters, 385-391 (2010)
  • The origin of stresses in magnetron-sputtered thin films with zone T structures
    M.K. Daniel R.
    Acta Materialia, 2621-2633 (2010)
  • Local and global measures of the fracture toughness of metal matrix composites
    Sabirov Ilshat, Kolednik Otmar
    Materials Science and Engineering A, 3100-3110 (2010)
  • The configurational force concept in elastic-plastic facture mechanics - Instructive examples
    K.O. Schöngrundner Ronald
    Key Engineering Materials, 297-300 (2010)
  • Overview of the Grain Size Effects on the Mechanical and Deformation Behaviour of Electrodeposited Nanocrystalline Nickel − from Nanoindentation to High Pressure Torsion
    V.H. Yang Bo
    Materials Science Forum, 85-98 (2010)
  • Recrystallization and grain growth behavior of SPD deformed 316l stainless steel
    S.T. Scheriau Stephan
    Advanced Materials Research, 491-496 (2010)
  • Large-Scale Synthesis of SnO2 Nanosheets with High Lithium Storage Capacity
    Z.Y. Wang Cen
    Journal of American Chemical Society JACS, 46-47 (2010)
  • Spannungs- und Schwingungsrisskorrosion
    S.R. Mori Gregor
    MP Materials Testing, 42-51 (2010)
  • Entwicklung bruchresistenter Werkstoffe
    D.G. Kolednik Otmar
    BIONIK Innovation & Qualifikation, 66-69 (2010)
  • Aufbau von Knochen
    D.G. Jäger Ingomar
    BIONIK Innovation & Qualifikation, 66-69 (2010)
  • Zellulose-Nanokompositwerkstoffe
    D.G. Keckes Jozef
    BIONIK Innovation & Qualifikation, 66-69 (2010)
  • Abrasion von biologischen Werkzeugen
    D.G. Schöberl Thomas
    BIONIK Innovation & Qualifikation, 66-69 (2010)
  • Thermal behavior of Ni (99.967% and 99.5% purity) deformed to an ultra-high strain by high pressure torsion
    H.X. Zhang H.W.
    Acta Materialia, 1698-1707 (2010)
  • Effect of Equal Channel Angular Pressing on the Fracture Behavior of Commercially Pure Titanium
    V.R.Z. Sabirov Ilshat
    Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 727-733 (2010)
  • Fatigue crack propagation in threshold regime under residual stresses
    P.R. Predan Jozef
    International Journal of Fatigue, 1050-1056 (2010)
  • Miniaturized single-crystalline fcc metals deformed in tension: New insights in size-dependent plasticity
    G. Dehm
    Progress in Materials Science, 664-688 (2009)
  • In situ observation of dislocation nucleation and escape in a submicrometre aluminium single crystal
    L.M. Oh Sang Ho
    Nature Materials, 95-100 (2009)
  • Observation of giant diffusivity along dislocation cores
    M. Legros, G. Dehm, E. Arzt, T.J. Balk
    Science, 1646-1649 (2008)

Master Thesis

  • Mikrostrukturelle Entwicklung während der Hochverformung von AlCu3
    M. Faller
    Diplomarbeit, Montanuniversität Leoben, November 2006, None (2010)
  • TEM Untersuchungen von Verformungsstrukturen in miniaturisierten Kupferproben
    Imrich Peter Julian
    Diplomarbeit, Montanuniversität Leoben, November 2006, None (2010)
  • Charakterisierung von ferritisch/martensitischen Stählen nach der Bestrahlung mit niedrig energetischen Ionen für den Einsatz im nuklearen Bereich
    C. Vieh
    Diplomarbeit, Montanuniversität Leoben, November 2006, None (2010)
  • Spröd-duktil-Übergang von ultra-feinkörnigem Eisen
    C. Kammerhofer
    Diplomarbeit, Montanuniversität Leoben, November 2006, None (2010)


  • Nanokristallisierung durch Hochverformung
    S.S. Pippan Reinhard
    Graz, DI Stefan Pichler,,2649-2656)
  • Nanoindentierung und Verschleißtests
    Schöberl Thomas
    Graz, DI Stefan Pichler,,2649-2656)
  • Thermo-mechanische Charakterisierung dünner Schichten
    Dehm Gerhard
    Graz, DI Stefan Pichler,,2649-2656)
  • Eigenspannungs-Charakterisierungen
    E.E. Keckes Jozef
    Graz, DI Stefan Pichler,,2649-2656)
  • Fokussierte Ionenstrahl Technik (FIB)
    K.D. Motz Christian
    Graz, DI Stefan Pichler,,2649-2656)
  • HT-XRD - Spannungen und Deformationen
    E.E. Resch Christian
    Graz, DI Stefan Pichler,,2649-2656)
  • Oberflächencharakterisierung mit der GI-SAXS Methode
    K.J. Maier Günther
    Graz, DI Stefan Pichler,,2649-2656)
  • FIB Technik-Sekundärionen-Massenspektroskopie
    K.D. Motz Christian
    Graz, DI Stefan Pichler,,2649-2656)
  • Verschleiß von biologischen Werkzeugen
    Schöberl Thomas
    Graz, DI Stefan Pichler,,2649-2656)
  • Komplexe Materialien, Plastizität, Ermüdung und Bruch, Hochverformung, Mikro- und nanomechanische Messmethoden, Mikro- und Nanostrukturanalyse
    Dehm Gerhard
    Graz, DI Stefan Pichler,,2649-2656)
  • Plasticity of moderately loaded cracks and the consequence of the discrete nature of plasticity to fatigue and fracture
    W.H. Pippan Reinhard
    Udine, SpringerWienNewYork(2010,2649-2656)