Univ. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Pippan

Function: Senior Scientist, retired
Room: 114
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-114
E-Mail: reinhard.pippan(at)oeaw.ac.at


  • Tailoring the mechanical and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline materials by decomposition of metastable solid solutions
    A. Bachmaier, J. Schmauch, H. Aboulfadl, A. Verch, H. Krenn, C. Motz, R. Pippan
  • Direct measurement of vacancy relaxation by dilatometry
    J.A. Kotzurek, E.M. Steyskal, B. Oberdorfer, A. Hohenwarter, R. Pippan, W. Sprengel, R. Wuerschum
    Appl. Phys. Lett.109, ARTN 021906 (2016)
  • Determination of crack initiation and crack growth stress-life curves by fracture mechanics experiments and statistical analysis
    S. Kolitsch, H.P. Gänser, R. Pippan
    , 3026-3039 (2016)
  • The importance of fracture toughness in ultrafine and nanocrystalline bulk materials
    R. Pippan, A. Hohenwarter
  • Damage tolerance of railway axles - The issue of transferability revisited
    H.-P. Gaenser, J. Maierhofer, R. Tichy, I. Zivkovic, R. Pippan, M. Luke, I. Varfolomeev
    Int. J. Fatigue86, 52-57 (2016)
  • High temperature mechanical properties of WC-Co hard metals
    T. Teppernegg, T. Kluensner, C. Kremsner, C. Tritremmel, C. Czettl, S. Puchegger, S. Marsoner, R. Pippan, R. Ebner
    Int. J. Refract. Met. Hard Mat.56, 139-144 (2016)
  • Real Hydrostatic Pressure in High-Pressure Torsion Measured by Bismuth Phase Transformations and FEM Simulations
    K. Edalati, D.J. Lee, T. Nagaoka, M. Arita, H.S. Kim, Z. Horita, R. Pippan
    Mater. Trans.57, 533-538 (2016)
  • About the fatigue crack propagation threshold of metals as a design criterion - A review
    U. Zerbst, M. Vormwald, R. Pippan, H.P. Gaenser, C. Sarrazin-Baudoux, M. Madia
    Eng. Fract. Mech.153, 190-243 (2016)
  • Anisotropic deformation characteristics of an ultrafine- and nanolamellar pearlitic steel
    M.W. Kapp, A. Hohenwarter, S. Wurster, B. Yang, R. Pippan
    Acta Mater.106, 239-248 (2016)
  • Ab initio calculations of grain boundaries in bcc metals
    D. Scheiber, R. Pippan, P. Puschnig, L. Romaner
    Model. Simul. Mater. Sci. Eng.24, ARTN 035013 (2016)