Dr. Pradipta Ghosh

Function: Post Doc
Room: 215
Phone: +43 (0)3842-804-214
E-Mail: pradipta.ghosh(at)oeaw.ac.at



  • A comparative study on the evolution of microstructure and hardness during monotonic and cyclic high pressure torsion of CoCuFeMnNi high entropy alloy
    R. Sonkusare, N. Khandelwal, P. Ghosh, K. Biswas, N.P. Gurao
    J. Mater. Res.34, 732-743 (2019)
  • Estimation of diffusivity from densification data obtained during spark plasma sintering
    N. Chawake, P. Ghosh, L. Raman, A.K. Srivastav, T. Paul, S.P. Harimkar, J. Eckert, R.S. Kottada
    Scr. Mater.161, 36-39 (2019)
  • Deformation characteristics of ultrafine grained and nanocrystalline iron and pearlitic steel - An in situ synchrotron investigation
    P. Ghosh, K.S. Kormout, U. Lienert, J. Keckes, R. Pippan
    Acta Mater.160, 22-33 (2018)
  • On the stacking fault energy related deformation mechanism of nanocrystalline Cu and Cu alloys: A first-principles and TEM study
    Y. Zhang, J. Guo, J. Chen, C. Wu, K. Kormout, P. Ghosh, Z. Zhang
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 807-818 (2018)
  • Microstructural and texture evolution of copper-(chromium, molybdenum, tungsten) composites deformed by high-pressure-torsion
    J. Rosalie, P. Ghosh, J. Guo, O. Renk, Z. Zhang
    Int. J. Refract. Met. Hard Mat.75, 137-146 (2018)
  • Effect of processing temperature on the microstructural characteristics of Cu-Ag nanocomposites: From supersaturation to complete phase decomposition
    K.S. Kormout, P. Ghosh, A. Bachmaier, A. Hohenwarter, R. Pippan
    Acta Mater., 33-44 (2018)
  • An investigation on shear banding and crystallographic texture of Ag–Cu alloys deformed by high-pressure torsion
    P. Ghosh, K. Kormout, J. Todt, U. Lienert, J. Keckes, R. Pippan
    Journal of mechanical science, 1-13 (2018)
  • Cyclically induced grain growth within shear bands investigated in UFG Ni by cyclic high pressure torsion
    M.W. Kapp, O. Renk, T. Leitner, P. Ghosh, B. Yang, R. Pippan
    J. Mater. Res.32, 4317-4326 (2017)
  • Generation of extreme grain aspect ratios in severely deformed tantalum at elevated temperatures
    O. Renk, P. Ghosh, R. Pippan
    Scr. Mater.137, 60-63 (2017)
  • From an understanding of structural restoration mechanisms towards a selective processing of extreme nanolamellar structures
    O. Renk, P. Ghosh, R. Pippan
  • Role of interfaces on microstructure refinement and mechanical properties of severe plastically deformed copper and copper-silver eutectic
    P. Ghosh, K.S. Kormout, R. Pippan
    , ARTN 012021 (2017)
  • An in-situ synchrotron study on microplastic flow of electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel
    P. Ghosh, S. Van Petegem, H. Van Swygenhoven, A.H. Chokshi
    Mater. Sci. Eng. A-Struct. Mater. Prop. Microstruct. Process.701, 101-110 (2017)
  • Correlative characterization on microstructure evolution of Ni-based K403 alloy during thermal exposure
    J. Liu, J. Li, F.S. Hage, P. Ghosh, J. Li, W. Wang, Z. Chen, T. Wang, W. Tang, Q. Ramasse, P. Schumacher
    Acta Mater.131, 169-186 (2017)
  • Deformation mechanisms during severe plastic deformation of a Cu-Ag composite
    K.S. Kormout, P. Ghosh, V. Maier-Kiener, R. Pippan
    J. Alloy. Compd.695, 2285-2294 (2017)
  • Microtexture Analysis of Restoration Mechanisms during High Pressure Torsion of Pure Nickel
    P. Ghosh, O. Renk, R. Pippan
    Materials Science & Engineering A684, 101-109 (2017)
  • Recent advances in research in severe plastic deformation in Leoben
    R. Pippan, A. Hohenwarter, O. Renk, K. Kormout, V. Maier, L. Krämer, P. Ghosh
  • Microstructural evolution and strength variability in microwires
    S. Agepati, P. Ghosh, A.H. Chokshi
    Mater. Sci. Eng. A-Struct. Mater. Prop. Microstruct. Process.652, 239-249 (2016)
  • Size Effects on Strength in the Transition from Single-to-Polycrystalline Behavior
    P. Ghosh, A.H. Chokshi
    Metall. Mater. Trans. A-Phys. Metall. Mater. Sci.46A, 5671-5684 (2015)
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