Dr. Christoph Gammer

Function: Junior Group Leader
Room: 102
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-102
E-Mail: christoph.gammer(at)oeaw.ac.at



  • Selective laser melting of 316L stainless steel: Influence of TIB2 addition on microstructure and mechanical properties
    O. Salman, C. Gammer, J. Eckert, M. Salih, E. Abdulsalam, K. Prashanth, S. Scudino
    Materials Today CommunicationsElsevier21, 100615 (2019)
  • Evaluation of hydrogen storage perfomance of ZrTiVNiCrFe in electrochemical and gas-solid reactions
    V. Zadorozhnyy, B. Sarac, E. Berdonosova, T. Karazehir, A. Lassnig, C. Gammer, M. Zadorozhnyy, S. Ketov, S. Klyamkin, J. Eckert
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy2019, ARTN 0360-3199 (2019)
  • Measurement of local strain
    C. Gammer, M.I. Richard, C. Eberl
    MRS BulletinVol. 44/ Issue 6, 459-464 (2019)
  • Direct measurement of nanostructural change during in situ deformation of a bulk metallic glass
    T. Pekin, J. Ding, C. Gammer, B. Ozdol, C. Ophus, M. Asta, R.O. Ritchie, A. Minor
    Naturenature communications2019 (10), 2445 (2019)
  • Exceptional fracture resistance of ultrathin metallic glass films due to an intrinsic size effect
    O. Glushko, M. Muehlbacher, C. Gammer, M.J. Cordill, C. Mitterer, J. Eckert
    Scientic Reports9, ARTN 8281 (2019)
  • New approaches in lowering the gas-phase synthesis temperature of TiO2 nanoparticles by H2O-assisted atmospheric pressure CVS process
    M. Rahiminezhad-Soltani, K. Saberyan, A. Simchi, C. Gammer
    J. Mater. Res. Technol-JMRT8, 3024-3035 (2019)
  • Annealing-assisted high-pressure torsion in Zr(55)Cu(30)Al(10)Ni(5 )metallic glass
    B. Sarac, F. Spieckermann, A. Rezvan, C. Gammer, L. Kraemer, J.T. Kim, J. Keckes, R. Pippan, J. Eckert
    J. Alloy. Compd.784, 1323-1333 (2019)
  • Mechanochemical synthesis and hydrogenation behavior of (TiFe)100-xNix alloys
    V. Zadorozhnyy, E. Berdonosova, C. Gammer, J. Eckert, M. Zadorozhnyy, A. Bazlov, M. Zheleznyi, S. Kaloshkin, S. Klyamkin
    Journal of Alloys and CompoundsElsevierScienceDirect796, 42-46 (2019)
  • Tuning the glass forming ability and mechanical properties of Ti-based bulk metallic glasses by Ga additions
    S. Bera, P. Ramasamy, D. Sopu, B. Sarac, Zalesak J., C. Gammer, M. Stoica, M. Calin, J. Eckert
    Journal of Alloys and CompoundsElsevierScience Direct793, 552-563 (2019)
  • Effect of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of 316L steel synthesized by selective laser melting
    O.O. Salman, C. Gammer, A.K. Chaubey, J. Eckert, S. Scudino
    Mater. Sci. Eng. A-Struct. Mater. Prop. Microstruct. Process.748, 205-212 (2019)
  • Oxygen-mediated deformation and grain refinement in Cu-Fe nanocrystalline alloys
    J. Guo, M.J. Duarte, Y. Zhang, A. Bachmaier, C. Gammer, G. Dehm, R. Pippan, Z. Zhang
    Acta Materialia, 281-293 (2019)
  • Anomalous re-ordering of Fe3Al disordered by high pressure torsion deformation
    C. Gammer, C. Mangler, H.P. Karnthaler, C. Rentenberger
    Scr. Mater.156, 90-94 (2018)
  • Structural and mechanical characterization of heterogeneities in a CuZr-based bulk metallic glass processed by high pressure torsion
    C. Ebner, B. Escher, C. Gammer, J. Eckert, S. Pauly, C. Rentenberger
    Acta Mater.160, 147-157 (2018)
  • Correlation between Electrical Transport and Nanoscale Strain in InAs/In0.6Ga0.4As Core-Shell Nanowires
    L. Zeng, C. Gammer, B. Ozdol, T. Nordqvist, J. Nygard, P. Krogstrup, A.M. Minor, W. Jaeger, E. Olsson
    Nano Lett.18, 4949-4956 (2018)
  • Multiscale analysis of nanoindentation-induced defect structures in gum metal
    R.P. Sankaran, V.B. Ozdol, C. Ophus, J. Kacher, C. Gammer, S. Govindjee, A.M. Minor, J.W. Morris
    Acta Mater.151, 334-346 (2018)
  • Electrosorption of Hydrogen in Pd-Based Metallic Glass Nanofilms
    B. Sarac, T. Karazehir, M. Mühlbacher, B. Kaynak, C. Gammer, T. Schöberl, A. Sarac Sezai, J. Eckert
    ACS Applied Energy Materials, A-Q (2018)
  • Interfacial mutations in the Al-polyimide system
    B. Putz, G. Milassin, Y. Butenko, B. Voelker, C. Gammer, C. Semprimoschnig, M.J. Cordill
    Surf. Interface Anal.50, 579-586 (2018)
  • Local nanoscale strain mapping of a metallic glass during in situ testing
    C. Gammer, C. Ophus, T.C. Pekin, J. Eckert, A.M. Minor
    Appl. Phys. Lett.112, ARTN 171905 (2018)
  • A heat treatable TiB2/A1-3.5Cu-1.5Mg-1Si composite fabricated by selective laser melting: Microstructure, heat treatment and mechanical properties
    P. Wang, C. Gammer, F. Brenne, T. Niendorf, J. Eckert, S. Scudino
    Composites Part B147, 162-168 (2018)
  • Effect of composition on the structure of lithium- and manganese-rich transition metal oxides
    A.K. Shukla, Q.M. Ramasse, C. Ophus, D.M. Kepaptsoglou, F.S. Hage, C. Gammer, C. Bowling, P.A.H. Gallegos, S. Venkatachalam
    Energy Environ. Sci.11, 830-840 (2018)