Dr. Anton Hohenwarter

Function: Group Leader
Room: 312
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-312
E-Mail: anton.hohenwarter(at)unileoben.ac.at


Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation and Deformation, Fatigue and Fracture


Mechanical properties of severely plastically deformed metals, High Pressure Torsion, SEM, EBSD


Mechanics in Small Dimensions (Mechanik in kleinen Dimensionen), Übungen zu Materialkundliche Arbeitsverfahren


Deformation- and fracture behavior of advanced materialsBulk-nanocomposite synthesis through severe plastic deformationEffect of grain architecture on the ductility in ultrafine grained and nanocrystalline SPD materials


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    P.R. Hohenwarter Anton
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    P.R. Hohenwarter Anton
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    P.R. Hohenwarter Anton
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  • Bruch von ultrafeinkörnigen Metallen hergestellt durch Hochverformung
    A. Hohenwarter
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    K.C. Hohenwarter Anton
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