The VLACH Commission offers internship positions (1 to 3 months) for community members and young scholars working on languages within the VLACH’s areas of research. Each intern is allocated a tutor who will introduce the trainee to the VLACH working methods. During the internship, the trainee will additionally get the opportunity to become acquainted with different ÖAW departments (e.g. Digital Humanities Department, the Phonogrammarchiv etc.), getting an insight into other disciplines and areas of expertise.

The following trainees have had internships at our commission: 

  • Dr. Milica Grujičić (winter 2017/18)
  • Sabrina Tomić (summer 2018)
  • Deyvi Papo (summer 2017, fall 2018)
  • Imane Sghiouar (spring 2019)
  • Sotirios Rousiakis (summer 2019 until winter 2019/20)
  • Maximilian Kuhn (December 2019)

Current interns

Antonio Fichera