Lifetime childlessness among women by level of education, selected countries. European Fertility Datasheet 2015, © - VID

Research Group Leader: Tomáš Sobotka

Researchers:  Ross Barker,  Eva Beaujouan,  Caroline Berghammer,   Brian Buh,  Misun Lee,   Maria Rita Testa,  Kryštof Zeman

The research group "Fertility and Family" studies fertility preferences, childlessness, union formation and dissolution, family changes and couple relations and their interconnections. It combines research based on individual- and aggregate-level data and puts a strong focus on education differences in family behaviours. The group also actively collects and disseminates data through several databases, including  the Human Fertility Database (HFD, a collaboration with MPIDR in Rostock) and the Cohort Fertility and Education (CFE) database.

Latest Publications

© - Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA/ÖAW/WU)
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Fertility, Reproduction and Population change in 21st Century Europe (EURREP) (ERC Starting grant)


Reproductive Decision-making and Human Capital  (ReCAP) (FWF Elise Richter Grant)


Couples and Childbearing: New Approaches to the Study of Fertility Outcomes and Family Formation Across Europe (COUPFER)(EC Marie Curie grant)


Changing Families and Sustainable Societies (FAMSOC)(EU-FP 7)