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This research group acts as a centre of competence in all questions of the population of Austria, whether in a national or European context. We carry out studies on the structure and development of the Austrian population and are the Austrian partner to international networks and cross-country studies. 

We are closely involved in the collection of the Austrian data for international longitudinal studies such as “Generations and Gender Survey” (GGS) and “Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe” (SHARE). They provide longitudinal data for Austria—for the first time with comparability to many other participating countries—in the domain of families and family formation on the one hand and the whole topic of ageing on the other.

Another aim of our research group is creating better foundations for population-oriented policies. Research activities are concentrated on several different topics:

Further studies on Austrian Demography:

Latest Publications

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Running against the clock:
Realisation of family plans over the life-course


Realisierung von Kinderwünschen in Wien (2015-2016)

Displaced Persons in Austria (DiPAS) (since 2015):
Asylum seekers arriving in Austria in fall 2015

Families and health in Austria

Fertility and family formation of female scientists in Austria.