Michael Kuhn

Research Group: Population Economics

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Michael Kuhn is (co-)leader of the research group on population economics at the Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, VID/OEAW, WU) and Vienna Institute of Demography. Having received a doctorate in economics from the University of Rostock, Germany, in 2001 he has since held positions at the Centre of Health Economics, University of York, UK (1999–2004; lectureship) and at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research/University of Rostock, Germany (2005–2008; junior professorship). His research interests lie in the area of health and population economics. He has published, inter alia, in the Journal of Health Economics, Journal of Economic Theory, Economics Letters, Journal of Population Economics, Journal of Demographic Economics, Demographic Research and Theoretical Population Biology. Having completed work on the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) stand-alone project “Medical Progress, Health Expenditure and Population Ageing” (2014–2017), he will from 2018 co-investigate with Stefan Wrzaceck the FWF project “Life-cycle behaviour in the face of large shocks to health”. He is member of the field committees on “Health Economics” and “Population Economics” of the German Economic Association, associate editor of the Journal of the Economics of Ageing and co-organiser of the "European Workshop on Labour, Health and Education under Demographic Change" (since 2006).

Areas of Expertise

  • Health Economics
  • Macroeconomics of Health & Healthcare
  • Life Cycle Modelling of Health Behaviour
  • Economics of Long-term Care

Selected Publications

Health and Economic Growth

Author(s): Bloom, DE, Kuhn, M and Prettner K
Reference: Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance
Year: 2019

Population Structure and Consumption Growth: Evidence from National Transfer Accounts

Author(s): Kuhn M, Prettner K
Reference: Journal of Population Economics 31, 135-153
Year: 2018

Growth and welfare effects of health care in knowledge based economies

Author(s): Michael Kuhn, Klaus Prettner
Reference: Journal of Health Economics 46, 100-119.
Year: 2016


Optimal choice of health and retirement in a life-cycle model
Author(s): Michael Kuhn, Stefan Wrzaczek, Alexia Prskawetz, Gustav Feichtinger
Reference: Journal of Economic Theory 158 (2015) 186-212
Year: 2015