Éva Beaujouan

Research Group: Fertility and Family

Phone: +43 1 515 81 - 7731

E-Mail: eva.beaujouan(at)oeaw.ac.at


Éva Beaujouan examines fertility and family trends in several European countries. She has studied applied mathematics and demography at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and defended her Ph.D. on "partnership and fertility trajectories after union breakup" in 2009. During a 3-year postdoc at the ESRC Centre for Population Change (University of Southampton), she constructed a 25-years data series based on the General Household Surveys, and made use of this for studying change in cohabitation, fertility and education, including the link between enrollment and postponement of the first birth. She has joined the ERC-funded EURREP project within the Wittgenstein Centre in 2012 to work on aggregate trends in fertility, fertility intentions and partnership by level of education.


Areas of Expertise

  • Fertility & Family Trends
  • Partnership Dynamics
  • Education & Fertility
  • Causes & Consequences of Later Fertility


Research Areas


Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

The Gap Between Lifetime Fertility Intentions and Completed Fertility in Europe and the United States: A Cohort Approach
Author(s): Beaujouan É, Berghammer, C
Reference: Population Research and Policy Review, pages 507–535
Year: 2019

Is the Family Size of Parents and Children Still Related? Revisiting the Cross-Generational Relationship Over the Last Century
Author(s): Beaujouan É, Solaz A
Reference: Demography 56, 595-619
Year: 2019

Declining realisation of reproductive intentions with age

Author(s): Beaujouan, É, Reimondos, A, Gray, E, Evans, A, Sobotka T
Reference: Human Reproduction, Volume 34, Issue 10, Pages 1906–1914
Year: 2019

Late Motherhood in Low-Fertility Countries: Reproductive Intentions, Trends and Consequences
Author(s): Sobotka T, Beaujouan, É
Reference: Preventing Age Related Fertility Loss pp 11-29,
Year: 2018