Research across borders

Copyright: ÖAW/Daniel Hinterramskogler
Copyright: ÖAW/Daniel Hinterramskogler

Basic research at the highest level can only be undertaken in a global context. Hence one of the OeAW’s most important missions is representing Austrian science abroad.

These activities include active representation of scientific and societal interests, participation in large-scale international research facilities and strategic shaping of the European and international research area.

Through the many international research cooperation projects of its institutions, its members’ worldwide connections and exchange programmes such as JESH – Joint Excellence in Science and Humanities, the OeAW provides Austrian scholars with direct access to research groups abroad and integrates visiting scholars into the Austrian research landscape.

Large-scale international research

Austria’s participation in large-scale international research facilities represents a valuable contribution to the development of an internationally competitive, nationwide research landscape. The OeAW represents the Republic of Austria in large-scale international research initiatives, thereby enabling Austrian researchers to participate in such projects.

Global partnerships

The OeAW has a long tradition of international scientific exchange. The Academy currently has bilateral arrangements with over 60 partner institutions worldwide and constantly seeks strategic growth in this area.

Worldwide partner institutions

Academy associations

The OeAW is a member of international organisations and academy associations, enabling its involvement in scientific and science policy planning on an international level, which in turn benefits the research landscape in Austria too. The Academy also considers it its duty to act as a scientific bridgehead and to promote scholarship and research worldwide together with its partner academies irrespective of current political developments.

To this end, participation with academy associations has been strengthened in recent years – e.g. with TWAS – The World Academy of Sciences, ALLEA – All European Academies or the EASAC – European Academies Science Advisory Council – in the form of joint international conferences for instance . Members of the OeAW represent the Academy in these associations and are regularly involved in providing scientific opinions made publically available for society and politics.

International academy associations 

International Science conferences