Book project: ‘Imports, Imitations, Incorporations: The Mycenaean Influence on Crete in the Mycenaean Palatial Period’

The project, carried out from 2010 to 2013, deals with the Mycenaean influence on Crete in the Mycenaean palatial period (c. 1400–1200 BC) and aims for a better understanding of cultural exchange phenomena and trade links between the Greek Mainland and the island of Crete.

Therefore all Mycenaean imports of pottery and figurines on Crete as well as locally produced imitations of those types of finds are for the first time presented together and diachronically analysed. Furthermore, several chapters deal with hybrid vessels which unite characteristics of both ceramic traditions, the Minoan as well as the Mycenaean one.

Based on these archaeological evidence, the study demonstrates the connections of the different Cretan regions with various parts of the mainland, clarifies the chronological developments concerning imports and imitations and offers a historical interpretation whilst taking into account results from previous research on other classes of material, particularly on the architecture and metal finds.

Firstly, the analysis showed that the individual Cretan regions were influenced to different degrees by the Mycenaean culture during LH/LM IIIA-IIIB and secondly, that an even greater degree of differentiation took place within each region, as Mycenaean influence decreased distinctly with increasing distance from the coast, hardly reaching the interior of the island.

The results of the study will be presented as a monograph in summer 2017.



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