The Library, Archive and OeAW Collections provide information and service. In addition to more than 400,000 publications and archival materials dating back 150 years, rare historic manuscripts, centuries-old globes, historic images and many other valuable artifacts are also available to researchers and anyone who is interested.


The library offers comprehensive holdings: books, magazines and other media as well as various services.


In the archive researchers and interested readers can find Academy writings and information on its members since its foundation in 1847.


In addition to various valuable artefacts of the OeAw the unique Woldan Collection contains rare historical materials relating to geography, cartography, law and numismatics.


The collections of the BAS:IS are available for public use and free of charge. Information on using the library can be found here.


Have questions on the library, archive or collections of the OeAW? Get in touch with our library staff.


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