Cornelia Gruber

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M.A. Studies in Musicology and PhD in Ethnomusicology at the University of Vienna with the dissertation „Gendered Dance Spaces: The Interdependency of Gender through Dancing in Southwest Madagascar“ (2018). DOC-fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) and Marietta Blau Grant from the Agency for Education and Internationalisation (OeAD). Assistant Researcher at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media (2016-2020) and University Assistant (post doc) at the University of Vienna (2020-2022). Co-chair of the ethnomusicology section of the German Society for Music Research (since 2018) and co-chair of ICTM-Austria (since 2021).

Academy scientist at the Phonogrammarchiv, in charge of publications and editions since October 2022. Co-director of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) 1000-ideas-project “Reverse Ethnomusicology: Migrant Musicians as Researchers“ (starting 2023).


Disciplinary research areas: music and dance research; gender studies with a focus on queer studies, and feminist and intersectional perspectives; (post)colonial studies and questions of decolonizing and queering academia and knowledge production; methodologies of ethnographic music and dance research: audio-visual feedback methods, hybrid and multi-sited ethnography;

Topics: music/dance and power; the body and embodiment, performativity; political activism; music/dance and healing; voguing and ballroom in Europe;

Regional: Africa, Europe, USA

PUBLICATIONS (selection)

Cornelia Gruber. forthcoming. „Kinästhetisches Wissen: Autorität durch Tanz und Gesang in Madagaskar“. In Autoritätsbildungen in der Musik, edited by Bernd Brabec de Mori, Marc Antoine Camp und Dorit Klebe. Zürich: Chronos Verlag.

Cornelia Gruber. 2021. „Das Potenzial von videobasierten Feedbackmethoden für die Musikethnologie. Perspektiven auf Repräsentation, Wissensproduktion und Fragen der leiblichen Erfahrung“. In Musikethnographien im 21. Jahrhundert, edited by Barbara Alge, 89-115. Baden-Baden: Rombach Wissenschaft.

Cornelia Gruber. 2021. “Haunting the (Post)Colonial Gaze. Visual Representation and Perceptions of Ethnographic Music and Dance Research.” In Diggin' Up Music: Musikethnologie als Baustelle,edited by Michael Fuhr, Kerstin Klenke und Julio Mendívil, 140-159. Hildesheim: Olms Verlag.

Cornelia Gruber. 2019. „Politics of Women Dancing in Madagascar: Relating Critical Perspectives on Gender”. In Ethnomusicology Matters. Influencing Social and Political Realities, edited by Ursula Hemetek, Marko Kölbl and Hande Sağlam (double blind peer-reviewed), 163–190. Wien (u.a.): Böhlau.

Cornelia Gruber. 2015. „Spaces of Interaction: An intersectional approach to dancing in mortuary ceremonies in Southwest Madagascar.” International Forum on Audio-Visual Research – Jahrbuch des Phonogrammarchivs 6, 51–73.

Anja Brunner, Cornelia Gruber und August Schmidhofer (editors). 2015. Transgressions of a musical kind. Festschrift für Regine Allgayer-Kaufmann zum 65. Geburtstag. Aachen: Shaker Verlag.


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