Sonic Memories – Audio Letters in Times of Migration and Mobility

In a collaboration between the Österreichische Mediathek and the Phonogrammarchiv, audio letters will be collected, restored and researched starting this year.

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© Katrin Abromeit/Phonogrammarchiv

The interdisciplinary research project "Sonic Memories – Audio Letters in Times of Migration and Mobility" led by Eva Hallama and Katrin Abromeit has been selected for funding within the framework of the ÖAW's "Heritage Science Austria" program among eight other research projects.

The four-year project will focus on the cultural practice of the self-recorded acoustic letter in the last century. It aims to restore and research audio letters that are currently hidden in public archives or are privately owned and were sent by post from the beginning of sound recording to the establishment of digital formats. The focus is further on material-technical and conservation-restoration aspects of special audio media such as direct-cut records, magnetic self-recording discs, or dictation cassettes.

Contact: Eva Hallama, Katrin Abromeit