New publication: Andaj Romengi ljuma

This book is dedicated to Mozes F. Heinschink, who, for more than six decades, has devoted himself to the study of the Romani language and its many variants. At the same time he got deeply involved with the speakers’ ways of living and their oral tradition. He gained great merits as a scholar in Romani studies and is widely appreciated among Romani communities for his lasting engagement.

This festschrift on the occasion of Heinschink’s eightieth birthday features texts andaj Romengi ljuma (“from the Romani world”) by colleagues and students, companions and friends. The contributions in Romani, English or German comprise linguistic papers, articles on history, art or culture, personal reminiscences as well as artistic contributions. They include an original drawing by August Krasa alongside poems, fairy-tales and other stories.

Authors: Fevzije Bahar Maksut, Julia Blandfort, Norbert Boretzky, Lev Čerenkov, Beate Eder-Jordan, Ivana Ferencová, Victor Friedman, Emmerich Gärtner-Horvath, Fatma Heinschink, Ursula Hemetek, Ludwig Horvath, Heinz Husslik, Birgit Igla, Dragan Jevremović, Ilija Jovanović & Melitta Depner, Kirill Kozhanov, Daniel Krasa, Ismet Krasnići, Lars Lindgren, Samuel Mago, Ruzsa Nikolić-Lakatos, Rabie Perić-Jašar, Erich Prokosch, Claudia Seelich-Mayerhofer, Barbara Schrammel-Leber, Harri Stojka, Michael Teichmann, Erika Thurner, Sofiya Zahova.

Petra Cech / Christiane Fennesz-Juhasz / Dieter W. Halwachs (eds.):
Andaj Romengi ljuma. Patjiv le Mozesoske Heinschink
(= Grazer Romani Publikationen / GRP 07), Graz: GLM, 2019. 369 pp, various photos and illustrations, Romani – German – English. ISBN 978-3-901600-53-1.

Order: treffpunkt sprachen at the University of Graz

Mozes F. Heinschink’s audio and video recordings with Roma from various European countries constitute one of the most important collections of primary sources on Romani oral tradition, language, music and culture. The extensive Heinschink Collection is archived in the Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Radio broadcast on the book launch and panel discussion in the Romano Centro, Vienna, October 22, 2019