Hot from the press – Volume 8 of the International Forum on Audio-Visual Research (The Phonogrammarchiv’s Yearbook)!

Research projects conducted by the Phonogrammarchiv itself or by other researchers with the archive’s support have always focused on current topics. At this very moment, it is especially the political events, notably the increased and much discussed migratory movements from the Near and Middle East, which are also reflected in Phonogrammarchiv projects. Consequently, it was quite natural that Volume 8 of the International Forum on Audio-Visual Research should be devoted chiefly to Syria, the Near East and Turkey.

This regional focus is present in the research articles by Phonogrammarchiv staff, in the analysis of a deposited collection (followed by a commentary) by external experts, and in the field research report by archival staff as well as in the review of a recent publication authored by a political scientist. In accordance with the Phonogrammarchiv’s multidisciplinarity, there is, however, also a contribution concerning a long-term research topic: the documentation of mechanical musical instruments. Finally, in an article on yet another collection deposited in the archive, its creator himself reflects on his recordings of languages from northern Nigeria and Chad, made in the course of four decades.