Two find assemblages of imperial period tableware from Limyra

During the excavations in the ›west city‹ and the ›Theater bath‹ of Limyra two largely imperial period find contexts were discovered that consist of sherds of numerous tableware vessels. They were assessed as part of a dissertation by B. Yener-Marksteiner. The revised manuscript was accepted for publication in the series „Forschungen in Lykien“ and will appear in 2019 as volume 1.

Background of the project

The dissertation by B. Yener-Marksteiner approved in the summer semester 2016 presents two find contexts from Limyra that largely consist of fragmented vessels of tableware from the imperial period: While the one find assemblage came from the area of the so-called west city excavation, i.e. from the area characterized by residential buildings of different time periods close to the southern Classical city wall, the other was discovered inside the small baths by the theater.