The study of pottery in Limyra takes place in the framework of a variety of contextual reappraisal projects. The chronological period extends from the Classical up until the early Byzantine period. The goal is to create a typological chronology of pottery from Limyra that is as uninterrupted as possible, and to trace the diachronic development of production, consumption and trade.

Research into Hellenistic ceramics

The Hellenistic pottery from Limyra will be placed into a broader context, in the framework of a dissertation project based at LMU Munich and supervised by O. Hülden (OeAI); its significance throughout the entire area of south-west Asia Minor will be investigated. Currently the evidence from the excavations at the so-called West Gate (2011–2012) is being analysed, and in addition the documentation of the ceramics from the excavations at the Xñtabura sarcophagus is being carried out – in spite of its disturbance, a significant and largely cohesive tomb find. The ceramic evidence from the so-called Slope House excavation constitutes an additional component.

Principal investigator

  • Kathrin Gschwendtner



    since September 2016


    Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung München (graduation grant until December 2020)