Status and Progress of the Project 2008 

Until the beginning of 2009 the entire accessible area of the catacomb was documented in three further scanning campaigns. This phase of data collection could therefore be completed after nine scanning campaigns. All of the 1.800 singular scans were registered in one point cloud. The procedure to generate the 3D-models was once again refined; the work steps could partly be automated and therefore be significantly accelerated.

The preparation of the repertory of paintings was pushed on. Especially to be mentioned is the discovery of the portrait and the lamp of the fossor Diogenes. His painting in the catacomb had been documented in its entirety by Boldotti in 1720 (fig. 15); today it is mostly destroyed. In course of the research important parts of the fresco were rediscovered in the Vatican Museums. Their virtual re-integration will now be carried out in course of the project. 

After the evaluation by the international START-/Wittgenstein-Jury of the FWF, the START-project was prolonged for three years in October 2008.