Status and Progress of the Project 2007


During three scan campaigns in 2007 the documented area of the catacomb could be extended to about two thirds of the entire network of galleries. By the end of 2007 the by now huge point cloud consisted of over 1200 singular scan positions (Fig. 9). All the regions with paintings are covered. 

For photorealistic 3D-models of painted burial chambers, meshed models are calculated from the point clouds by triangulation (Fig. 10), on which digital photos with a high resolution are applied (Fig. 11, 12), as seen here for the so-called Chamber of King David. Since autumn of 2007 a new software – the 3D-Analyst of the company ADAM-Tech ( Perth , Australia ) – is being used for the creation of 3D-models of areas with wall painting. The advantage of this new method is that the 3D-models with photos of high resolution can be generated directly on the basis of photo data. 

For the preparation of the repertory of the paintings, the work on the bibliography and the manuscript was continued. Results of the project were presented and discussed at national and international meetings. Belonging to the most interesting discoveries are an image probably showing the main saints of the catacomb, the martyrs Nereus and Achilleus (Fig. 13), and a picture from the legend of Santa Thekla, which is the oldest image of her in Rome (Fig. 14). The publication of these findings are in preparation.