One of the most urgent duties of the »Commission for Archaeological Research in Asia Minor« since its foundation in 1890 was the publication of all of the Greek and Latin inscriptions of Asia Minor in corpora structured according to the ancient regions. To this end, the series »Tituli Asiae Minoris« was founded, forming a counterpart to the series »Inscriptiones Graecae« published by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences. This undertaking is continued by the working group for epigraphy.

The foundation for the work on the corpora is diverse. At first, research journeys to Turkey were and continue to be necessary; countless inscriptions can still be found there today and need to be rescued from the threat of destruction. The material secured in this manner is archived in the form of copies in sketchbooks and travel journals, photographs and squeezes, and prepared for publication. The collection of squeezes currently numbers over 2,000 pieces that are also continually consulted and evaluated by foreign scholars. The sketchbooks and travel journals have already been predominantly digitized, and the already published material they contain should be made available in the internet to the scientific community; those inscriptions that have not yet been published will be added after their publication.


In addition, a »Schedenapparat« (a collection of preparatory notes) has been taken over from the Asia Minor Commission, in which the entire Greek and Latin inscriptions from Asia Minor should be recorded in a card index have been recorded in the form of a card catalogue; all new finds should be continually appended and for every individual inscription as well as for every region the modern scholarly bibliography should be collected and updated. The collection currently includes ca. 50,000 sheets and should be further developed, as well as transferred to an electronic databank in the long-term.

Principal Investigator