Complete manuscripts can be submitted in German, English, French or Italian. A digital version (Word and PDF) of the manuscript (text including illustrations) is to be given in.

The manuscripts must contain footnotes, illustrations, a list of all abbreviations (both common and for literature) used, a list of illustration captions, photo-credits, and a summary of approximately 200 words. Where applicable, details regarding layout preferences should be provided as well as the author’s full postal and email addresses.

Text and lists should be written in Word (CarnuntumJb_Formatvorlage: Varia). Abbreviated references (author, year format) should be included in the footnotes. Special characters and text formatting should be highlighted on the printout.

Illustrations must be submitted as print-ready digital files; photos should be saved in either TIFF or EPS formats with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at actual print size and line drawings must have a minimum resolution of at least 1200 dpi at actual print size. Plans, maps and drawings must include a scale.

Citation and abbreviation regulations indicated by the German Archaeological Instiute (Zitierrichtlinien und Abkürzungen des DAI) and the Abbreviation List of the Austrian Archaeological Institute (Sigelliste) for Austrian publications must be applied. Bibliographic entries should employ the abbreviated ‘Author, Year’ format.

Manuscripts should be submitted to the attention of the editor, Andreas Pülz.