Online-Symposium "Interpretating the pottery record from Geometric and Archaic sanctuaries in the northern Peloponnese"

Speakers, concluding discussion (Photo: OEAW-OEAI)

The international, transdisciplinary symposium "Interpreting the pottery record from Geometric and Archaic sanctuaries in the northern Peloponnese: Cult and votive practices, provenance, and production methods" was held on November 5 and 6, 2020 - due to the CoviD-19 pandemic - as a digital event.

25 speakers presented findings from geometrical and archaic sanctuaries in the northern Peloponnese and adjacent regions. Sanctuaries from the Argolis (Berbati), Achaia (Aigeira, Seliana / Phelloe, Nikoleika / Helike, Ano Mazaraki, Thea), Northern Arcadia (Stymphalos, Tria Goupata, Lousoi), Elis (Olympia) as well as on Kephallonia (Drakaina Grotto), in Aitolia (Kalydon), in Laconia (Amyklaion) and on Aigina were discussed. The focus was on the analysis of the ceramic find complexes. These were discussed in the context of stratigraphy, the simultaneous architectures in Temenos or the find situation in natural sanctuaries, especially in grottos. Special emphasis was placed on the miniature vessels - their production, meaning, and possible use. A separate section was devoted to ceramic archaeometry and dealt with questions of the distinction of workshops and the localization of production sites. Different methodological approaches to the determination of origin were discussed against the background of the largely homogeneous geochemistry of the clays in the Northern Peloponnese.

Although all participants missed the personal discussions on the fringes of the symposium, this disadvantage was more than compensated by the broad international response. A total of 216 interested parties from 15 different countries in Europe, the USA, Canada, Turkey, Israel, India, Japan and Australia attended the symposium and contributed to the discussions.

The proceedings of the symposium will be printed in a publication series of the OEAI.