»Pre«-FRWG Online-Meeting


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the 21st conference of the ICAZ-Fish Remains Working Group in Vienna was postponed to August 2022. In order to offer archaeoichthyologists an opportunity for professional exchange, the OeAI, together with the other organisers of the ICAZ conference, initiated a half-day online meeting, which took place on 23 August. The programme was divided into two main research areas, with fish topics as well as complementary research results from other research fields in these projects being presented:

Early Modern Age diet was interpreted on the basis of archaeological and bioarchaeological finds from a latrine in Hadersdorf am Kamp (AT). In addition to many outstanding and extraordinarily well-preserved finds, the specific fishing for juvenile and small fish in the late Middle Ages and Early Modern Age Period was also discussed.

The other two lectures dealt with nutrition, animal husbandry and fishing in prehistoric pile-dwelling settlements at Lake Mondsee in Upper Austria and in the Laibach Moor in Slovenia. The finds from both settlements come from soils with wetland preservation, which offer special preservation conditions. The Slovenian site offers as a special feature preserved coprolites, which are therefore in the special focus of research to find out whether dogs are indeed the causative agents.

We thank the 30 participants for their keen interest and the very positive response!