Successful habilitation

We congratulate Sebastian Prignitz on his habilitation at the University of Vienna


We warmly congratulate our colleague Mag. Dr. Sebastian Prignitz on his successful habilitation at the University of Vienna (Institute of Classical Archaeology). His habilitation thesis is entitled »The Athenian Treasure Inventories of the Fifth and Fourth Centuries« and deals with the archaeological evaluation of the inventories from the Acropolis in Athens. These include the Parthenon, the so-called Old Temple (= Erechtheion), the Chalcotheke and the sanctuary of Artemis of Brauron. The basis for the present work was a new edition of the corresponding inscriptions from the period between 434/433 and around 300 BC, on which Sebastian Prignitz has been co-working since 2012. Sebastian Prignitz is currently a Senior Research Associate in the OeAI research group »History of Ancient Law and Papyrology« .