Annual Institute Evening of the Athens Branch

The annual institute evening of the Athens Branch took place on March 13, 2018. 120 guests attended in the newly renovated premises of the institute building, including the Austrian ambassador, Andrea Ikiç-Böhm, representatives of the Greek Ministry, the head of the cave ephorates, the directors of the Dutch and Finnish foreign schools, the assistant directors of the Swedish and Swiss foreign schools, representatives of the German Archaeological Institute, the former director of the Athens Branch Veronika Mitsopoulos-Leon, as well as representatives of other archaeological schools and universities.

Following the presentation of the annual report by director Georg Ladstätter, Georgia Alexopoulou was appointed an honorary member of the OeAI. In the laudatio her contributions especially to Austrian archaeology in Greece were recognized.

After the formal presentation of the certificate of appointment by the assistant director of the OeAI Oliver Hülden, G. Alexopoulou held the lecture on the topic “Northwestern Arcadia: Ancient Cities and Monuments”. The OeAI Athens then invited to a reception.


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All photos: OeAI-OeAW/Klaus-Valtin v. Eickstedt