»Greek and Roman Albania«

Symposium, Vienna

November 8, 2018, start: 13:00

Austria played a seminal role in the foundation of Albanian archaeology due to the close connection of the imperial-royal monarchy with the Albanian settlement areas. Austrian archaeologists, such as Camillo Praschniker or Carl Patsch, took on leading roles in the exploration of Apollonia, one of the most important archaeological sites in the Albanian coastal region.
The symposium »Greek and Roman Albania« in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna will focus on these numerous points of contact through the research history of the region, the historical development of the KHM and the Austrian Archaeological Institute in addition to the current state of archaeological research on the Greek and Roman periods in Albania.

In a public evening lecture emer.o.Prof. Dr. Andreas Lippert from the Institute for Prehistory and Historical Archaeology of the University of Vienna will discuss »The proto-urban Illyrians in Albania and their contacts to the Greeks«.



Symposium »Greek and Roman Albania«


November 8, 2018, 13:00-20:30


KHM (Maria Theresienplatz 1, 1010 Vienna)
Lecture Room, 2nd floor


OeAW-OeAI, KHM, Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Austria