Research Group »Pottery Studies«

The RG »Pottery Studies« includes all projects relying on pottery finds as their primary source. The research group provides a platform for all pottery specialists working at the OeAI and also represents a point of contact for international exchange. The RG also illustrates the long-term and and the broad topographical and chronological expertise of the OeAI in the area of modern pottery research that takes place on an interdisciplinary level. It includes the context-based, diachronic evaluation of ceramic ensembles or of individual ceramic wares from a variety of points of view. The scientific evaluation focuses on economic and historical research questions regarding production, consumption, and trade in pottery as well as studies of typology, function, diachronic developments, and the dissemination of specific ceramic wares. The following keywords summarily characterize the research portfolio of the RG »Pottery Studies«:

  • typo-chronology
  • functionality
  • socio-cultural analysis


Under the direction of: Alice Waldner