Burials and burial inscriptions of the central Lycian settlements of Timiussa and Tyberissos

In the course of a survey led by the LMU Munich in the central Lycian settlements of Timiussa and Tyberissos the corresponding necropolis areas were also studied. The work in the field has been completed and the publication of the burials will now take place together with the burial inscriptions.

Background of the project

In 1999 and 2000 the fieldwork under the direction of the Department of Ancient History, LMU Munich on the Lycian harbor cities also extended to the study of the mountain settlement Tyberissos and its seaside counterpart Timiussa. Here, 200 burials still visible on the surface and corresponding to the settlement were recorded in detail and analyzed; the majority includes sarcophagi that date from the late Classical to the imperial period. 

Because a large part of the sarcophagi carry inscriptions, the carrier of the inscription and the texts will be presented jointly in a monograph. The inscriptions are being studied by C. Schuler (AEK/DAI Munich); O. Hülden is analyzing the burials.