Proceedings of the Symposium »SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES«

The volume in preparation on the symposium held in 2017 »Similiarities and Differences in Urban History, Material Culture and Methodological Apporaches of Three Northern Peloponnesian Poleis: Aigeira, Lousoi and Sicyon« is intended to give new impetus to the polis research in the northern Peloponnese. It includes detailed analyses of key aspects of material culture as well as new results of large scale studies with overarching questions on urban development and settlement areas.

In the past several years, multidisciplinary investigations in Old-Sicyon, Sicyon-Demetria, Aigeira, and Lousoi have enhanced our understanding of the Greek polis culture in the landscapes of Corinthia, in Achaea, and Arcadia in manifold ways. Every site hold the potential to provide a new impetus for the archaeological exploration of the northern Peloponnese in relation to the large-scale exploration of urban space and urban development as well as with detailed studies of material culture. At the same time, the studies have also raised new issues that deal with, for example, the dynamics of urban development, basic knowledge of urban planning, economic growth and decline, or cultural identity.

With the publication of the proceedings of the symposium, a critical assessment of the similarities and differences in the historical development of the three poleis as well as in the manifestation of their material culture are documented. Furthermore, the different methodological approaches are discussed that are applied in the exploration of the three cities. Contributions on the political and economic history of the northern Peloponnese in antiquity, on the natural conditions for the development of the cities as well as the potential of the Peloponnesian poleis provide the framework for the classification of the presented research in larger contexts in order to contribute towards a broader understanding of Greek urban culture.