Proceedings of the symposium »CONNECTIVITY AND LOCALISM«

The proceedings currently in preparation of the symposium held at the end of 2018 »Connectivity and Localism. Architecture, Urban Planning and Social Interaction in Greek Archaic Communities of the Northern Peloponnese, Southern Italy and Sicily« deals with the differences and similarities of urban planning and architecture in the northern Peloponnese, southern Italy, and Sicily.

The contributions of the volume present new insights on the archaeological study of construction and urban planning of selected monuments and findspots in the mentioned regions that were historically and culturally closely related through the foundations of apoikiai since the 8th and 7th century BCE. The main focus is on the comparison of these cultural landscapes regarding their character and the speed of the profound social and historical processes of change of the Archaic period which were visible in particular in the urban planning, architecture and art history. From this multilateral perspective the contributions engage with the questions which interrelationships between connectivity and localism would be able to influence and affect these change and innovation processes. Against the background of current discourses on transmediterranean connections of ancient communities the discussed material remains as well as the underlying actors will be critically examined regarding their local connections (»localism«) as well as part of larger transaction worlds ("connectivity").

Questions on the circumstances and centers for the development of monumental architecture, on the development of rationally planned and to the controversial phenomenon of their fortification are couple with further basic considerations on the circumstances and development of a Hellenistic identity and specific local identities. Through the join presentation of new insights and findings from the focus regions dealt with in the symposium, new outlooks are gained on the development of the Greek polis from the 8th to 6th century CE. This publication aims at expanding the discourse about the formative changes of the Archaic period.