Burials of the central Lycian settlement of Phellos

In the course of a survey led by the LMU Munich in the central Lycian settlement of Phellos a corresponding necropolis area was also studied. The work in the field has been completed and the publication of the burials will now take place as part of the full publication of the fieldwork in Phellos.

Background of the project

Under the direction of the Department of Ancient History, LMU Munich the remains of the central Lycian settlement of Phellos was studied as part of a survey from 2002 to 2004. In the process 160 burials visible on the surface and associated with the settlement were recorded in detail and then analyzed. These burials mainly include tumuli, terrace tombs, rock-cut tombs partially furnished with facades, sarcophagi, and burial houses and cover a time span from the late Archaic to the imperial period. Their analysis is a remarkable asset to our current knowledge on the Lycian tombs.