The stage building will be presented as the third and final volume in the planned series on the recent building analysis and archaeological investigations in the Ephesian theater that took place until 2011. The Roman stage building with the Flavian scaenae frons is of specific concern in the publication and was studied by A. Öztürk (†) until 2016.

Until 2011, the Ephesian theater was studied in the run-up to the necessary restoration and consolidation measures using current documentation and analysis methods regarding building analysis and archaeology. The complex results are already available in two volumes:

  • G. Styhler-Aydın, Der Zuschauerraum des Theaters von Ephesos. Baubefund und architekturhistorische Analyse, FiE 2, 2 (in print)

The planned third volume deals with the Hellenistic and Roman stage building, including the orchestra as well as the late antique and Byzantine construction measures in the stage building area; one chapter is dedicated to the sculpture finds and the sculptural decoration (M. Aurenhammer).

For the first time in the study of the scaenae frons all displaced parts of the stage building were fully analyzed by A. Öztürk (†). On this basis, an up-to-date reconstruction proposal was established, however, A. Öztürk was not able to complete the manuscript on her research. In a joint initiative of the colleagues involved in the Ephesian theater project her scientific contribution was completed and prepared for publication (authors: A. Öztürk, M. Hofbauer, M. Aurenhammer, G. A. Plattner, H. Taeuber, G. Styhler-Aydın).