The sarcophagi of Ephesos

The publication project is part of the project »Death in Antiquity. The necropoleis of Ephesos« (under the direction of M. Steskal). It is based on a comprehensive manuscript on the topic and was produced as part of an FWF-project over the course of several years (under the direction of M. Aurenhammer, project member M. Heinz). D. Bielefeld is preparing the final manuscript. 

In the volume all sarcophagi and sarcophagus fragments discovered in Ephesos and now located in Turkish, British and Austrian collections with the support of the museums are documented and each individual group is prefaced by an introductory chapter. Due to the large amount of material the Attic sarcophagi discovered in Ephesos were published separately by C. Kintrup in the series Ergänzungshefte to the Jahreshefte of the Austrian Archaeological Institute (ErghÖJh 16).


The aim is to create a comprehensive presentation of all sarcophagus monuments from the metropolis of Ephesos with overarching aspects. The inscriptions on the sarcophagi are being evaluated by H. Taeuber (Institute for Ancient History and Classical Studies, University of Vienna).