Since 2002, a Digital Asset Management (oeai.DAM) has been set up at the ÖAI, which is a web-based digital asset management system based on the Easy DB software from the company programmfabrik. In addition to safeguarding the inventory, it also offers the possibility of simple and efficient administration and provision of the image material accruing annually from ongoing projects. oeai.DAM supports all common image and film formats, as well as PDF, 2D and 3D, and offers a controlled vocabulary including links to standards databases.

As of August 2022, oeai.DAM has around 340,000 records, divided into 9 pools. In addition to excavation and find documentation, more than 25,000 plans and 55,700 black-and-white images of the old stock, which are divided between glass plates and B-W negatives, are recorded. Of this old data stock, 10,000 images are freely accessible as public domain.

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On-site research of the entire OeAI database is possible upon request.