Newly approved FWF projects

6 OeAI projects approved by the Austrian Science Fund

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) approved the following OeAI projects at its meeting of the Decision Board on 10 May 2021:

»Economy of animal flesh food in Asia Minor (323BC-305AD)«
project no.: M 3141 Meitner-Programme
project lead: Alexandra KOVACS

»Archaeometric analysis of Roman bricks from Noricum«
project no.: M 3172 Meitner-Programme
project lead: Elisa BOCCALON

»Pottery and Transformation in Roman and Byzantine Limyra«
project no.: M 3170 Meitner-Programme
project lead: Philip Misha BES

»The Aigeira Archaeological Survey Project (AASP)«
project no.: P 34614 Stand-Alone Project
project lead: Walter Rainer GAUß

»A Roman provincial cult site on Gradisce«
project no.: PUB 840 Stand-Alone Publications
project lead: Christoph HINKER

»The storage pits of the Late Bronze Age hillfort«
project no.: PUB 881 Stand-Alone Publications
project lead: Monika GRIEBL


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