Public Relations

The OeAI has been conducting basic research in the field of classical antiquity for more than 120 years. The emphasis has been on the regions of Central Europe, Greece, Turkey, and Egypt.

It is our responsibility to share the generated knowledge from the various projects with as many people as possible and to eliminate barriers to the greatest extent possible so that research results can be made accessible to the interested public. We are convinced that the increase in knowledge represents an important value and is an asset to our society.

The OeAI wants to meet the need for understandable and high quality information as well as the active dialog between research and society. For this, we use current communication tools. In addition to the traditional public relations work, the web 2.0 – social networks, twitter, or science blogs – play an important role as modern communication spaces.

The exchange of various dialog groups does not only take place at symposia, conferences or lectures of the scientific community but also during events that are aimed at a wider public. The OeAI, therefore, organizes a series of lectures in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Lange Nacht der Forschung, institute days at our branch offices in Athens and Cairo, and is an active participant at the Austria Day of the Austrian Cultural Institute in Istanbul.