The unit follows in the tradition of the long-term Austrian research on ancient Lycia and thus pursues a holistic approach. This means that the scientific interest reaches far beyond the excavation site of Limyra and includes various areas of Lycian archaeology and history regardless of its date. The current emphases have been placed on the aspects of settlement archaeology and urban planning, the study of the countryside, burials, and pottery. Primarily, this research leads to an increased knowledge about Lycian culture and takes place on a regional level. However, these regionally bound results are also brought into the wider context of Asia Minor as well as other parts of the ancient world and, thus, can be viewed on a supraregional level against the background of specific questions. 

Activities and objectives 

  • Excavations in Limyra with the current ephasis on the urban development of the settlement in the Hellenistic and early Byzantine period
  • Resume field work in the rural area
  • Publication series Forschungen in Lykien (FiLyk)
  • Completion of the field research project in the Kibyratis in a published format and online
  • Inclusion of current research approaches and results on Lycia in supraregional contexts
  • Publication of older excavations and material
  • Development of a digital archive on ancient Lycia from the collections of the institute
  • Promotion of new and strengthening of existing international cooperation partners