Head Office Vienna

The library of the head office Vienna is the largest archaeological specialist library of Austria. Currently it consists of approximately 82,500 volumes, including around 730 journals and series. The annual growth per year is about 1,000 volumes. The collection focus is archaeology of the Greek and Roman period in the eastern Mediterranean and in the central European provinces of the Imperium Romanum. Separate areas are dedicated to conservation and cultural heritage, geo- and bioarchaeology as well as archaeometry.

The volumes of the OeAI are set up together with the volumes of the specialist library for archaeologies and numismatics, subfield archaeology, of the University of Vienna and are publicly accessible. The library is a reference library with limited circulation. All volumes are digitally cataloged and online accessible at u:search through the search engine of the UB Vienna.


Katharina Hasitzka (head)
T (+43 1) 51581-4030
E katharina.hasitzka(at)

Athens Branch

Due to the research focus of the branch the collection focus of the library of the OeAI Athens is archaeology, topography and cultural history of Greece from the early period to late antiquity. Furthermore, the library is home to publications on archaeology of the extended Mediterranean and Austria, on methods and history of archaeology as well as on Byzantine studies, and the cultural history of Greece in the modern age. The library currently numbers 19,000 volumes and is available through the online catalog of the Austrian Library Network.

The library is a reference library and can be used during the regular institute hours as well as by appointment.

Cairo Branch

The branch of the OeAI in Cairo has a library with more than 8,000 publications. In addition to egyptology monographs, series, and journals it is specialized on Near Eastern and Aegean literature.

The library is accessible on request.

Excavation house Selçuk/Ephesos

The library in the excavation house of the OeAI in Selçuk/Ephesos currently contains around 2,000 volumes. It is a reference library that is available to staff during the excavations in Ephesos as well as to specialist colleagues on site.

The collection focus includes excavation publications, publications on ancient pottery, architecture and sculpture as well as the publications of the OeAI itself. The inventory of the library Selçuk/Ephesos is available through the online catalog of the Austrian Library Network.