Mag. Dr.

Karin Wiedergut

Postdoctoral Fellow


Telephone: +43 1 51581-3282

Biographical sketch

Studies in Ancient History, Classical Archaeology and Jewish Studies at the University of Vienna. Mag. phil. in Ancient History in 2010. Researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences since 2010, in projects dealing with funerary law, the protection of graves and epitaphs as sources for the social and legal history of Roman Asia Minor (FWF-financed projects led by K. Harter-Uibopuu and T. Kruse). Dr.phil. in Ancient History in 2020. Petra Kappert-Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, Hamburg, in 2021. Awarded with a Hertha Firnberg-stipend by the FWF in 2021 (topic: »Finding Society’s Middle. The Urban Social Stratification of Southwestern Asia Minor«, project launch: 2023).

    Research Projects

    Research interests

    • Social and economic history of the Eastern Mediterranean
    • Public archives and archival processes in Roman Asia Minor
    • Funerary law and the protection of graves in Asia Minor and beyond
    • Epigraphy in Asia Minor

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