Dipl. Ing.

Irmengard Mayer

Doctoral Student


Telephone: +43 1 51581-4120

Location: Franz Klein-Gasse 1 | 1190 Vienna

Biographical sketch

Diploma in architecture at the Technical Universtiy Vienna with a specialisation in building research and modern, object-oriented and task-oriented measuring methods. Since 2004 employee in building research projects of the FG Building History and Building Research of the TU Vienna. 2006 –2013 technical and scientific collaborator in the FWF-START project »The Domatilla Catacombs in Rome«. 2006–2019 project and university assistant at the FG Building History and Building Research, TU Vienna with teaching and research. Project leader and scientific employee in projects in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Austria. Since 2013 teaching activity at the FH Campus Vienna – Green Building. Since 2016 independent building research in the atelier AB ZT GmbH.

    Research Projects

    Research interests

    • Innovative recording methods in building research
    • Historical building research
    • Vernacular architecture
    • Photogrammetry in the documentation of cultural property
    • Interdisciplinary knowledge transfer