Vasiliki Anevlavi MSc, BA

Montanuniversität Leoben

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Master of Science in Cultural Heritage, Materials and Technologies; Bachelor studies at School of Humanities, Department: History, Archaeology and Cultural Resources Management (Domain Archaeology), University of the Peloponnese, Kalamata, Greece. Since 2010 participant in various projects in Greece, Turkey and Malta. Since November 2018, PhD candidate, dissertation »Production and use of white marble in Roman Thrace«. Scientific employee at the OeAI in the project »Provenance Matters«.

Detailed Biography

Detailed Biography




Trainee – Lab Assistant: marble provenance analysis, Montanuniversität Leoben (A)


Excavation team member in Keros Dhaskalio (GR), digging and recording field work via iPad, IDig application, responsible institution: BSA, Cambridge University


Project assistant – Moptil (Mobile Optical Illusions). Augmented and Virtual Reality: 3-D reconstruction of the sanctuary of Delphi and the Asklepieion in Kos island (GR)


Team member of the Southeast Naxos Survey (GR), responsible institution: Cambridge University


Assistant conservator: excavation in Palaikastro (GR)/PALAP Project, conservation of pottery (Prehistoric-Minoan period), responsible institution: BSA Athens


Studying of glass in Benaki Museum (Islamic period) Athens


Team member of the excavations in Side, Antalya (TR), responsible institution: Anadolu University

Team member of the excavations in Messini (GR), cooperation of University of the Peloponnese with the Company of Archaeology


Supervisor and team member of the excavations in Epidaurus (GR)

Participation in the excavation at Naxos island (GR)

Research Areas

  • Marble Provenance Studies

  • Roman Archaeology

  • Archaeometry

  • Scientific analysis (Isotope, chemical and fluid analysis)

Current projects



18. 10. 2018

Provenance of the marble decoration of Villa Armira, Rhodopen (3rd International Conference »Roman and Late Antique Thrace«, Komotini, GR; mit W. Prochaska et al.)

30. 8. 2018

Naxian Marble: The area where the story begins (6th Panhellenic Scientific Conference »Naxos throughout the centuries«, Naxos, GR; mit W. Prochaska)

11. 6. 2018    

Provenance analysis of ancient marbles, Methods, case studies and recent investigations (»Archaeometry in historical archaeology«, Kick-off Workshop, ÖAI Wien; mit W. Prochaska)

März 2017               

Integrating technological means in small museums: The case of the Historical & Folklore Museum of Kalamata, Greece (International Congress of Cultural Tourism, Cordoba; mit A. Fragkou et al.)

24. 3. 2015

Hellenistic Gymnasia, Case-study: Ancient Olympia and Pergamon, preservation of the monuments (7th International Archaeological Students Symposium, Karabuk Universität, TR)