Mag. Dr.

Karin Kopetzky

+43 1 51581-6109


Studies of Egyptology and Classical Archaeology at the University of Vienna (2005 Ph.D.) at Vienna.
Since 1988 staff member of the Austrian excavations at Tell el-Dabca/Egypt. 1993–1995 research partner in East-West project of the Austrian ministry of Sciences. 1999–2011 researcher in the SCIEM 2000 project. From 2002 onwards co-operations with excavations in the Near East (Qatna, Ebla, Sidon, Tell Arqa, Tell Fadous-Kfarabida, Ashkelon). 2011‒2014 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship to Harvard University/USA. Since 2005 employee of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW).

Areas of Specialisation

  • Egyptian and Near Eastern Archeology, focus on settlement archeology
  • Burials and mortuary rites
  • Relations between Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean in the 2nd millennium BC
  • Relative chronology in the Eastern Mediterranean in the 2nd millennium BC
  • Petrography
  • Knowledge transfer and communication networks




  • The Middle Bronze Age Storage Jars, in: L.E. Stager et al. (eds.), Ashkelon. The Middle Bronze Age, Winona lake (in print)
  • With A.-M. Afeich, Egyptian Burial costumes in the Royal tombs I – III of Byblos, BAAL (in print)


  • The Dawn of the Middle Kingdom at Tell el-Dabca: Selected Pottery from Settlements and Tombs from the Phases G/1–3 and F, in: R. Schiestl and A. Seiler (eds.), Middle Kingdom Pottery Handbook, Vol. II, Vienna, 89–106.
  • The Egyptian Corpus of the Middle Bronze Age Layers of Sidon, AHL 34–35 (2011-2012), 163–172.
  • with C. Dumet-Serhal, Sidon and Tell el-Dabca: Two Cities – One Story, AHL 34–35 (2011-2012), 9–52.
  • with M. Bietak: The Egyptian Pottery oft he Second Intermediate Period from Northern Sinai and ist Chronological Significance, in: M. Gruber et al (eds.), All the Wisdom of the east. Studies in Near Eastern Archaeology and History in Honor of Eliezer Oren, OBO 255, Freiburg und Göttingen, 105–127.


  • Egyptian pottery from the Middle Bronze Age in Lebanon, Berytus 53–54 (2010-2011), 167–179.
  • Chapter 18: Southern Coastal Plain. Tell el-Ajjul, in: M.A.S. Martin, Egyptian Pottery in the Late Bronze Age Southern Levant, CChEM 29, 201–209.


  • Tell el-Dab‘a XX. Die Chonologie der Siedlungskeramik der 2. Zwischenzeit aus Tell el-Dabca, UZK 32.
  • Review of: Daphne Ben-Tor, Scarabs, Chronology, and Interconnections. Egypt and Palestine in the Second Intermediate Period, OBO 27, Freiburg 2007, JEA 96 (2010), 270-274.


  • with I. Forstner-Müller, Egypt and Lebanon: New Evidences for Cultural Exchanges in the first half of the 2nd millennium B.C., BAAL Hors-Series VI, 11–74.
  • with B. Bader, C. Doumet-Serhal and I. Forstner-Müller, An Egyptian Jar from Sidon in its Egyptian Context. Some Fresh Evidence, AHL 29, 79–83.
  • with M. Bietak, The Dolphin Jug: A Typological and Chronological Assessment, in: J. D. Schloen (ed.),  Exploring the Longue Durée: Essays in Honor of Lawrence E. Stager, Winona Lake, 17–34.

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Detailed Biography

Detaillierte Biographie


  • 2005
    Doktorat an der Universität Wien mit „ausgezeichnetem Erfolg“ bei Univ.-Prof. Dr. Manfred Bietak abgeschlossen.
  • 1993
    Magisterium and der Universität Wien


  • 2011–2014
    EU-Projekt: Egypt in the Levant
  • Seit 2010
    Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter in der Kommission für Ägypten und Levante der ÖAW
  • Seit 2002
    Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit bei den Grabungen von Sidon, Tell Arqa und Ashkelon
  • 1999–2010
    Wissenschaftlich Mitarbeit im SFB-Projekt SCIEM 2000
  • 1994
    Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter bei der Ausstellung Pharaonen und Fremde in Wien
  • 1993–1995
    Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit im Ost-West Projekt des Wissenschaftsministerium
  • Seit 1988
    2x jährlich wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit bei der Ausgrabung des ÖAI in Tell el-Dabca/Ägypten.


  • Tel Aviv; Ägypten & Levante

Presented Papers




  • „Who was dealing with whom? New Chronological evidences on the royal tombs I–III of Byblos”, ASOR Konferenz in Chicago, 17.Nov. 2012
  • “Imports and local production in Egypt and the Levant during the Middle Bronze Age”, Vienna II, 17. Mai 2012


  • Sidon and Tell el-Dabca: A long History of Exchange, 7th ICAANE in London, 14. April 2010
  • “Egyptian Pottery in Lebanon during the Middle Bronze Age”, Middle Bronze Age workshop in Beirut, 10. Aug. 2010
  • “Tell el-Dabca: Burial Practices and Mortual Rituals during the Second Intermediate Period”, Symbols of the dead in Tübingen, 25. Nov. 2010



  • 4. ICAANE in Berlin: Stratigraphie comparee workshop



  • Seit 1994
    Im Rahmen der Lehrgrabung in Tell el-Dabca