The Lainzer Tiergarten (LTG) in present day Vienna was recently recognised to contain a prehistoric radiolarite quarrying cluster, from where 15 sites are recorded to date. Radiolarite was a preferred resource for chipped stone production from Palaeolithic to post-Neolithic periods throughout the entire region. The goal of this project are technological and microscopic analyses of an unusual lithic assemblage from the LTG Ra 15 radiolarite extraction site. In comparison with other sites within the Lainzer Tiergarten quarrying cluster, this particular assemblage displays unique characteristics, notably frequent heat treatment on the lithic artefacts.

In order to interpret these preliminary findings, all raw material varieties at LTG-15 will be characterised and documented through high resolution microphotos. The technological analysis of a relevant sample of quarrying debris (c. 1000 lithics from surface collections) will elucidate the on-site component of the chaîne opératoire. Microscopic and technological investigations will be carried out by Oliver Schmitsberger, an expert of the local geology and prehistoric archaeology, who also discovered the site.

Principal Investigator

Michael Brandl 

Executive researcher

Oliver Schmitsberger


Dr. Anton Oelzelt-Newin’sche Stiftung, ÖAW