Consolidation measures in Ephesos

An important part of preserving cultural heritage in Ephesos is the consolidation and maintenance of the exposed building structures that need to be continually preserved due to the weather and the ensuing decay.

Most of the building structures are permanently exposed to damaging factors such as rain, sun, frost, and wind through their location in the ruins. In order to counteract the decay processes and to preserve the inventory to the best of our abilities, we continually carry out a variety of conservation measures. In most of the cases these are consolidation measures on the components of walls. In addition to strengthening brick structures it is also necessary to secure unstable or vulnerable slope areas with appropriate measures.

In order to carry out the necessary activities under the instruction of a conservator, local workmen who have been involved in projects for many years have been appropriately trained.

The aim of the exact documentation of the consolidation of materials is to generate long-term experience that will make it possible to evaluate the used materials and techniques.