Research Group »Building Analysis«

The research group is focused on pooling the activities of the OeAI and implementing joint standards for the documentation and analysis of buildings. These primarily address the field research projects. Within these research projects inclusive methods for the documentation and analysis of buildings will be used in order to be able to create reconstructions and building plans in accordance with proven standards. Furthermore, the study of building processes, building techniques, and material analyses (in collaboration with the RG Material Analyses) as well as the transformation of buildings are integral elements covered within the research group. The research group also functions as a platform for theoretical discourses where particularly important topics are treated that go beyond the technical aspects of building analysis and also touch on thematic areas of other research groups. These topics include contextual architectural studies (in collaboration with the RG Settlement Archaeology and the RG Cult and Sanctuary), the history of building analysis and the social significance of architecture.


Under the direction of:  Gudrun Styhler-Aydın