Research Group »Archaeozoology«

Excavations of the Austrian Archaeological Institute in the Mediterranean as well as central European find sites are the archaeozoological research focus. The food supply of humans, animal husbandry and hunting as well as environmental and economic processes are analyzed in a methodical and diachronic fashion on the basis of faunal changes. Eating habits, culinary culture, and the history of food production are essential topics in the study of the cultural development of the human race. In addition to osteoarchaeological research methods, the analysis of stable isotopes provides information on the uniformity or heterogeneity of domesticated animal groups and aids in the differentiation between locally held animals and organized animal husbandry in the form of pasture economy and also transhumance. Another focus is placed on the exploration of the history of fisheries, again with a focus on the Mediterranean and in the central Europe.


Under the direction of: Alfred Galik